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IHB-Fordaq Internationaler Wochenrückblick, 16.-19. April 2018
21/04/2018 - 08:00 AM
Bei IHB-Fordaq lesen Sie jede Woche den Internationalen Wochenrückblick.
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Polnischer Möbelhersteller Forte nimmt Spanplattenwerk in Betrieb
19/04/2018 - 06:20 PM
Abnahme vier Monate früher als vorgesehen
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Frühjahrsgutachten: Konjunkturforscher heben Prognose leicht an
19/04/2018 - 10:00 AM
Prognose für 2018 und 2019 um 0,2 Prozentpunkte höher
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STIHL meldet fast 10% Umsatzplus
18/04/2018 - 05:10 PM
Absatz erstmals über 10 Mio. Einheiten, neue Motorsäge mit elektronischer Einspritzung wird zur Interforst vorgestellt
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Siempelkamp receives major greenfield order from Russia

12/04/2018 - 10:15 AM

After several years of joint development work, the Russian plywood producer CJSC “Murom” has ordered a complete plant with pioneering technology from Siempelkamp. The goal of this cooperation was the development of OSB ADVANCED, an innovative product produced on an industrial scale in a way that conserves resources. 

The scope of the JSC “Murom” contract with Siempelkamp covers all raw material processing, from round timber thawing technology through debarking to the production of top and mid-layer ranges, supplied by the youngest Siempelkamp subsidiary Pallmann from Zweibrücken. Büttner will supply a drum dryer that has been specially developed to meet material requirements, as well as an energy system that is fully integrated into the process chain. By using wood waste, the energy plant not only supplies the process heat for round timber conditioning, material drying and the ContiRoll® hot plates, but also ensures enough power to heat the production halls.

The Italian Siempelkamp subsidiary CMC will supply the complete material processing, including filtering, gluing and sprinkling technology. The entire planning engineering, carried out by Sicoplan from Belgium, is based on millimeter-accurate CAD data generated using laser scans. To this end, the Belgian Siempelkamp subsidiary measured the future site with state-of-the-art drone technology, among other methods, to ensure planning reliability based on the actual local conditions.

Siempelkamp from Krefeld will produce the core of the plant – the ContiRoll® Generation 9, with a length of 30.4 m and a production width of 8.5´. This continuous press offers numerous technical innovations. For example, even the smallest deviations in product tolerance are detected immediately and eliminated at their origin through a fast control technology, completely decoupled from external process influences. This procedure ensures nearly zero-defect production. Also standard in the current series is the newly developed ContiRoll Ecodrive technology with a two-stage gear train. The servomotor system offers an energy-saving potential of at least 7% in full-load operation and up to 14% energy savings in partial-load operation. Siempelkamp’s scope of delivery also includes the finishing line, connected to an automated warehouse system.

With the new investment, CJSC “Murom” will produce 50,000 m² of OSB ADVANCED boards daily, mainly for national demand. This will more than double the production capacity of CJSC “Murom” to 550,000 m³ annually. The start of installation at the plant is already planned for the fourth quarter of 2018. Commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2019 and regular production will get underway in the spring of 2020.

LSC “Murom”, located in Murom, about 300 km east of Moscow, began producing plywood in 1929 and boylenit boards/bakelite plywood for the aviation industry in the 1940s. Undergoing massive expansion of its production capacities for plywood until 2010, the manufacturer is now one of the leading wood-based material producers in Russia and currently exports to 29 countries worldwide. 

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