Wood dryers:
a) traditional type, with axial reversible ventilation system
b) with direct burner (thermally independent)
c) thermodynamic dryers with heat pump (condensation system)
Steaming plants, direct, indirect and mixed system.
Heat treatment plants for pallets and wood packaging materials, ISPM-15 FAO (sterilizers).
- Made-to-project plants for the drying of special types of wood and/or for special productive exigency.
- Prefabricated drying chambers with exclusive SECAL technology.
- Pre-dryers (maxi-size dryers)
- Automatic control units for the regulation and control of the drying cycles.
- Instruments for the measuring of the moisture content of the wood.
- Turn-key plants for the combustion of the waste wood and for the utilisation of the generated thermal energy.
- Dryers for various needs.

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