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Suedharzer Maschinenbau GmbH

Suedharzer Maschinenbau GmbH

Currently the modern plant Südharzer Maschinenbau supplies high quality wood-, firewood processing- and metal processing machines of high quality to more than 10 European and non European countries: Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Czech, Poland and the Baltic States.
A great success which could be realised – in view of the strong competition of the south- and east European countries – only due to a feeling for the requirements in the field of mechanical engineering and to excellent technique in construction and production. More company details

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Product information
Equipped with hydraulic descent cylinder for miter cuts up to 60°.

Hard steel blade guides and an heavy duty cast iron bow assure a very accurate and clean cut. Equipped with a quick-positioning vise for easy and safe securing of the workpiece. Designed in compliance with the EC Machines Directive and the CE safety standards.
• Stepless adjustment of the cutting angle
• Wider bevels even with acute angles up to 60°
• Automatic saw shut off when cutting is complete
• Oil bath worm gears for a more silent working mechanism
• Ergonomic table height (720mm)
• Control system for blade stretching and blade break
• Standard cooling system und 500mm long material stop
Technical data
weight 170 kg
overall dimensions 1,2 x 0,7 m
blade size 2480 x 0,9 x 20 mm
cutting speed 35 / 70 m/min
motor 400 V P1 0,85 / 1,2 kW
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