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Suedharzer Maschinenbau GmbH

Suedharzer Maschinenbau GmbH

Currently the modern plant Südharzer Maschinenbau supplies high quality wood-, firewood processing- and metal processing machines of high quality to more than 10 European and non European countries: Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Czech, Poland and the Baltic States.
A great success which could be realised – in view of the strong competition of the south- and east European countries – only due to a feeling for the requirements in the field of mechanical engineering and to excellent technique in construction and production. More company details

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Product information
Dust and chip collectors should be strictly switched on when respective woodworking machines are in use.

Self-contained power feeder sealed inside a plastic casing suitable for industrial, heavy-duty systems with electric motor up to 4 kW.

Outlets for connection to the machine:
2x CEE 16A-Plugs (red)
2x SCHUKO plugs (blue)
maximum admissible power (of collection systems) 4 kW

Switch-on time lag: approx. 3s
Switch-off time lag: approx. 8s
• A switch-off time lag of approximately 8 seconds allows dust and chips suction after the machine has completely stopped
• No requirement for expensive final assembly by skilled electricians (fixed cables)
• Multi-purpose adapter for 2 x 400V machines and 2 x 230V machines
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