Profi-Cut PC 704 Z/4 / PC 704 EZ/4

Suedharzer Maschinenbau GmbH

Suedharzer Maschinenbau GmbH

Currently the modern plant Südharzer Maschinenbau supplies high quality wood-, firewood processing- and metal processing machines of high quality to more than 10 European and non European countries: Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Czech, Poland and the Baltic States.
A great success which could be realised – in view of the strong competition of the south- and east European countries – only due to a feeling for the requirements in the field of mechanical engineering and to excellent technique in construction and production. More company details

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Product information
Professional saw-bench with belt conveyor.

Working mechanism and operation system Profi-Cut PC 704:

The machine attaches to the 3-point linkage of any agricultural tractor and operates from its rear power-take-off drive by meansof a cardan shaft.

Available also as a combination version (704 EZ) equipped with both PTO and E-motor drive and recommended for stationary use. Logs that are cut automatically drop into a discharge hopper and from there on a conveyor belt that leads them to a nearby container or truck. No more messy and nasty picking of the logs and site clearing! A machine specially conceived for those who deal in large firewood production. The machine is capable to handle and process wood in full cord length up to approximately 1m.
• 3-4 cords output per hour!
• One-man operation
• Log length adjustable from 25 to 50 cm
• High quality, scratch-proof and impact resistant powdercoat finish
• Cradle-shaped log deck on roller bearings for safe and firm advancing to the blade
Technical data
max. log Ø 270 mm
min. log Ø 80 mm
blade Ø (HM) 700/30 mm
E-Motor output power PC 704 EZ/4 / P1 S6 40 % ED 7,5 kW
tractor power required 20 kW
drive shaft revolutions (rpm) 540
log length 250 - 500 mm
length of the belt conveyor 4300 mm
max. loading height of the belt conveyor 3200 mm
Total weight w. belt conveyor PC 704 Z/4 / PC 704 EZ/4 515 kg / 565 kg
conveyor belt width 250 mm
out-to-out transport dimensions (WxDxH) 1,7 x 1,2 x 2,4 m
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