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Gremo is the leading supplier of forwarders of 8-10 tons loading capacity on the Swedish market, and the key for our success you will find at Ätran, Falkenberg community. More company details

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Product information
The new method of operation implies that two “couriers” (forwarders) alternately operate the “Besten”. The couriers are provided with a revolving, tilting and progressive widening cargo compartment. During the processing the timber is loaded directly on the courier´s cargo department. When the loading operation is finished, courier no. 2 takes over while courier no. 1 takes off to the motor road for unloading and classification.

Many advantages compared to the traditional system
In addition to high performance, low fuel consumption and low cost even other reasons make the driverless Besten system highly competitive:

Economy: High production, low investment and a minimum of labour.
Good ergonomics: During the processing the operator in the courier vessel enjoys high comfort, good visibility and low noise level.The assignments also entail diversified working conditions
Short lead times: Direct loading saves time and fuel. No timber on the ground. All timber hauled to the motor road when the felling is finished.
Production account: Exact specification of the assortment immediately after the unloading by the motor road.
Direct loading: No timber left behind in the forest.
Simple machine: The processing unit does not require a driver´s cab. Its sturdy construction guarantees maximum safety of operation.

Compared to the traditional system the innovative driverless Besten concept is highly competitive in heavy final felling (Study from SKOGFORSK no. 5-2006).

The driving system Besten with two timber couriers offers high performance in heavy final felling at forwardin g distance of up to 400 metres. The fuel consumption is low in the first place due to the fact that the crane operation for loading has become redundant. The system is flexible, different numbers of couriers can be utilized depending on the felling situation. Productivity is high as the felling is going on without interruption. Possible waiting times should whenever possible be allocated to the couriers.
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