MiCROTEC is the technology leader in the field of opto-electronics for the timber processing industry and has been setting the standards in this market since 1980. Quite simply, there is no process in timber processing that cannot be rationalised, improved and speeded up with systems from MiCROTEC. The company’s exclusive focus and specialisation on timber and its processing have meant that MiCROTEC now dictates the direction that everybody else follows in this market. More company details

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The GOLDENEYE multi-sensor system not only determines strength but also recognizes knots, cracks, wane and dimensions of boards in longitudinal feeding at high speed in fractions of a second. This significantly increases performance levels.

When combined with ViSCAN’s non-destructive stress rating system, GOLDENEYE also maximizes value recovery based on the added value of stress-rated lumber.

The GOLDENYE system combines X-ray and laser scanning technologies. Therefore it can not only recognize and measure the board’s surface with absolute accuracy but it can also see inside the board. This is how GOLDENEYE recognizes the exact size and position of knots, cracks and other faults.
Seven multi-sensorial reasons for choosing GOLDENEYE by:

1. Technologically unique X-ray based multi-sensor system
2. Measures the board’s raw density and knots
3. Non-destructive strength grading internationally certified
4. Precise recording of shape and position of knots and other defects
5. Significantly increases production quality and quantity
6. Tolerates longitudinal high-speed conveyor in excess of 450 m/min
7. Subsequent measurement systems, cross, trim and rip cutting saws, sorting and packaging lines are provided with data
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