MiCROTEC is the technology leader in the field of opto-electronics for the timber processing industry and has been setting the standards in this market since 1980. Quite simply, there is no process in timber processing that cannot be rationalised, improved and speeded up with systems from MiCROTEC. The company’s exclusive focus and specialisation on timber and its processing have meant that MiCROTEC now dictates the direction that everybody else follows in this market. More company details

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Product information
Traces individual boards and workpieces through the entire production process
The optical fingerprint
The patented IDiSCAN by MiCROTEC has reached new heights in recognizing every single board at any point in the process. In other words, IDiSCAN recognizes the optical “fingerprint” of the board and with an accuracy close to 100%.

IDiSCAN comes to the fore where accumulating conveyors make it difficult to transport boards in cycles. The times when a board withdrawn by hand caused chaos in its assignment and processing have definitively come to an end with IDiSCAN.

Seven compelling reasons for choosing IDiSCAN by MiCROTEC:

1. Recognizes any board at any point in the process
2. Generates an optical fingerprint of the board
3. Compares the image information with the corresponding information
4. It repeats with almost 100% precision
5. Leads the boards throughout the processing stages and takes them to their destination
6. It is infallible even when operating at high speeds
7. The modular structure allows easy and quick installation

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