MiCROTEC is the technology leader in the field of opto-electronics for the timber processing industry and has been setting the standards in this market since 1980. Quite simply, there is no process in timber processing that cannot be rationalised, improved and speeded up with systems from MiCROTEC. The company’s exclusive focus and specialisation on timber and its processing have meant that MiCROTEC now dictates the direction that everybody else follows in this market. More company details

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Product information
1. Measures the exact length, diameter and sweep of the log
2. Recognizes the optimal diameter thus enabling control of log turning machinery
3. Accuracy of diameter measurement with a resolution better than 2 millimetres
4. Fast conveyor speed without compromise in accuracy or precision
5. Authorized by German, Austrian and Italian Industrial Standards Associations (DIN, öN, IN, EN)
6. Angled configuration reduces maintenance and downtime
7. Easy installation in existing mechanical systems
Technical data
Base position 2 infrared scanners positioned at right angles, 2 measurement sensors
Direction of measurement Conveyed lengthwise, up to 300 m/min
Level of definition 2 mm
Limits of measurement – diameter 500 mm; 750 mm; 1,000 mm
Scan rate Up to 500 scans/sec.
Synchronisation External encoder
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