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Ponsse is the first to introduce a forwarder with active damping! The six-wheler PONSSE Buffalo ADS forwarder is now equipped with active damping system patented by Ponsse. The new forwarder combines the agility of a sixwheler and the comfort of an eight-wheler achieved through active damping system.
The highly popular active damping system used in PONSSE Ergo and Bear harvesters has now been introduced in forwarders, increasing the stability of driving and significantly reducing sideways movements affecting the driver.

The unique active damping system developed by Ponsse effectively eliminates vibration caused by uneven terrain and keeps the cabin in a vertical position. The system enables quick movements in the terrain and provides the driver with first-rate working conditions. Particularly on slopes, the cabin remains in a vertical position within the active damping system’s movement range, increasing comfort in loading.

Correctly placed stabilization point In the PONSSE Buffalo ADS forwarder, the system’s stabilization point is as low on the swinging front axle as possible in order to effectively minimize the cabin’s sideways movements in uneven terrain. The sideways movement is the most significant factor concerning driver ergonomics. Combined with the optimally placed stabilization point, the intelligent active damping system increases the ergonomics of the PONSSE Buffalo ADS to a level unattainable by regular cabin suspension systems.
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