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The Buffalo is equipped with durable bogie axles and wide balloon tyres. Its weight distribution across eight tyres lowers the ground pressure and reduces ground damage. This, combined with the Buffalo's excellent manoeuvrability, also makes it a good choice for thinning sites.

The Buffalo's strong K90 loader provides massive force for loading. The construction of the K90 loader is based on technical solutions which have proven reliable through the years. Its 10 metre reach and seamless control increase the machine's productivity. The loader's strength is especially suitable for work on sloping terrain and for processing large trunks.

In the design of the Buffalo, particular attention has been paid to the cooling and filtering of the hydraulic oil. A dedicated pump provides a continuous cooling and filtering cycle for the hydraulic oil, regardless of machine movements. Thanks to this system, the oil is kept extremely clean and the temperature remains optimal under all conditions. Minimising pressure loss throughout the system lowers fuel consumption even more.
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