- Doors automatic assembling machines with dowels or tenons, with 45° and 90° junction, made in MDF, chipboard or solid wood.
- Drawers automatic assembling machines with folding system.
- Packing and pallettizing Plant.
- Automatic Plants using Anthropomorphic Robots.
- Loading and unloading for high capacity Sawing plant. More company details

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Product information
The DL-T machine has been designed for the automatic assembly of panel door frames; it can handle wood, plywood or MDF, using Hot Melt EVA base glue.
The main goal is to obtain, at the machine exit point, a solidly bonded door frame, ready for use in the next phase of operation.


The DL-Fast is built around a sturdy two beams main structure. In the first area of the machine we find the rail feeders. On the beam structure’s sides the stiles feeders are positioned. At the center of the machine, we find the electronically controlled Hot Melt glue dispensers. The assembly zone is constructed around the horizontal pusher pistons and vertical pressure pistons.
These last elements are the most peculiar and vital characteristic of the DL-T; they are of fundamental importance for a perfectly planar mating of the rails and stiles. Once this crucial step is completed, the machine will proceed with the bonding of the panel; this operation occurs in only a few seconds and enables the bonded door frame to be moved towards successive operational phases.

The entire machine is managed via the use of a touch screen equipped PC. Only one supervising operator is needed.

Speed : 4 frames per minute
Frame Length : up to 3100mm
Frame Width : up to 1300mm
Frame Thickness : up to70mm
Possibility of doubling the number of rails
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