Biesse Wood Division

Biesse Wood Division

Biesse Wood Division develops and produces machinery for the furniture and carpentry industry, and offers a full range of solutions covering the entire industrial processing cycle for wood, wood derivatives, composite materials and non-ferrous alloys.
Its range of products includes CNC machining centres for the boring and routing of engineered and solid wood, plastics, composites and non ferrous alloys. Routers. Throughfeed NC machines for boring and boring/dowel-inserting. CNC edge-banding centres.
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Product information
Advantage is the solution for lines demanding medium-high performances where the main requirements for the feeding continuity are the high speed in handling and the reliability in the panel detaching. It’s a feeder/stacker with 15 cycles/min. productivity, suggested for lines where the required productivity is 25-28 panels per minute. The installation of the mechanical panel detacher makes the Advantage a highly reliable machine that is able to “detach” any type of panel presenting problems of adhesion: from laminated panels to raw chipboard panels, from honeycomb panels to uncoated MDF panels both in single and double row. In the Advantage the operator’s operations are minimum as the machine is completely automatic and the conveyor speeds are parametrized according to the feeding and stacking compositions.
Technical data
Max. panel dimensions in two rows: mm (350 + 350) X 3200 - inch. (13.78+13.78) X 126
Max. panel dimensions in one row: mm 1200 X 3200 - inch. 47.24 x 126
Min. panel dimensions in two rows: mm (150 + 150) X 320 - inch. (5.91+5.91) X 12.60
Min. panel dimensions in one row: mm 250 X 320 - inch. 9.84 x 12.60
Cycles/min: 14/16
Net height of stack (with height of rollerbed 250 mm): mm 1500 - inch 59.06
Max. weight: Kg. 100 - Lbs. 220.46
Installed power: Kw 23,5 - Hp 31.33
Compressed air consumption: NL/min 1400-2300 - CFM 49.44-81.22
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