Product information
The professional start in the mobil sawmill branch. Sawhead with Smart-Cut-System.
A narrow sawblade mill with a high output. The perfect relation between price and productivity.
* Same cutting table as the „Mammut“, driving wheels diameter of 500 mm, able to cut logs with a diameter of up to 90 centimeter diameter.
* Highest cutting quality possible with 32 mm sawblades. Cutting height adjustment is hydraulic.
* Smart-Cut-System allows you to adjust the sawhead angle between 65° and 90°. This saves power and the blade gets easyer into the wood.
* Standard hydraulic blade-guide adjustment
* Sawblades easy and safe to handle for an optimal result in quality and quantity
* Main engine 11 KW without V.Belts: A direct drive motor is the optimal transfer of power, produces a higher output and transfers the whole 11 kw direct to the blade. Gives you a production of up to 10 cubic meters a day and between 1000 and 1500 cubic meters each year

Technical data
Log lenght 0,7 - 16 m
Log diameter 90 cm
Width of cut 80 cm
Schnittbreite 20 fm
Main engine 11 KW Electric
Sawblades Widht (Millimeter) 32
Sawblades Thick (Millimeter) 1,1
Sawblades Lenght (Millimeter) 4500
Height 2,2 m
Width 2,25 m
Lenght 9,7; 11,7 m
Weight 2,4 t
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