Bavaria SL 130i


Product information
Transportable Hightech with the highest standards.
Our best mill with highest output and awarded with the KWF prize 2004. It is the ideal mobile sawmill for a daily use under any circunstances.
* Wide sawblade technologie with an angled sawhead wich can be hidraulically adapted to the log diameter.
* The Bavaria SL (small-large) 130i with a hydraulic telescopic blade tensioning. Able to cut log with a diameter from 10 up to 130 centimeters
* A new developed CSCA system controls automatically the cutting speed through the wood.
* Electronic adjustment of the cutting thickness. If required complete automatic sawmill operation
* Possibilitie of an adicional programm wich allows you to store the amount of cutten wood in order to conect it to your PC for doing the invoices
* Standard equipment is with an18,5 KW engine. If required 22 KW engine is possible.
* Suitable for a stationary use, working three shafts a day or combinin it with a after saw.
* Easy operation, easy manteinance.
* Since January 2003 worldwide in action. With output of up to 1000 cubic meters and more in one month.
* Awarder with the KWF prize 2004.

Technical data
Log lenght 0,7 -16 m
Log diameter 130 x 130 cm
Width of cut 100 cm
Productivity/ 8 h ** 33 fm
Main engine 18,5 kW Electric; 22 kW Electric
Sawblades Widht (Millimeter) 100
Sawblades Thick (Millimeter) 1,1
Sawblades Lenght (Millimeter) 5530 - 6020
Height 2,55 m
Width 2,5 m
Lenght 9,7; 11,7 m
Weight 3,5t
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