- Radial arm saws.
- Pendulum saws.
- Circular saws.
- Hydraulic and pneumatic cut-off saws.
- Electronic pushers and side stops.
- Optimizing and defecting cutting lines.
- Clamps for frames and cabinet doors.
- Presses for edge-glueing panels.- Presses for laminated beams.
- Cnc machining and sawing centres for beams. More company details

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Product information
The growing demand for flexibility typical of small-medium enterprises, a strong structure, the maximum simplicity of use, a high level of productivity at reasonable price have been the guidelines for the realisation of this new electro-hydraulic press.

Thanks to the modern concept of modular construction, the SL1 is available in any length range 3 to 20 mt.

Standard fittings include 2 vertical cylinders per linear metre which can be increased according to need for special processing. The various accessories available include manual or pneumatic front pressure bars and a modified control panel for processing independent sectors.

- Bottom supports with counterweights
- Additional vertical beams
- Manual and pneumatic front pressure bars
- Modified control panel for processing independent sectors
Technical data
Working length 3000x20000 mm.
Working height 1300 mm.
Maximum beam width 150 mm.
Thrust of each vertical cylinder 2500 Kg.
Thrust on each cm2 with beam width 80 mm. and n. 2 cylinders each mt. 6,25 Kg.
Thrust on each cm2 with beam width 120 mm. and n. 3 cylinders each mt. 6,25 Kg.
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