- Radial arm saws.
- Pendulum saws.
- Circular saws.
- Hydraulic and pneumatic cut-off saws.
- Electronic pushers and side stops.
- Optimizing and defecting cutting lines.
- Clamps for frames and cabinet doors.
- Presses for edge-glueing panels.- Presses for laminated beams.
- Cnc machining and sawing centres for beams. More company details

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Product information
Main features:
The STA Pneumatic Clamping Machines at variable size are manufactured in four different version: STA-1500, STA-2000, STA-2500, STA-3000. Adjustable fence approach with screw rapid clamping system, dual push-button control and hand protection valve, adjustable fence return ensured by a single push button. Clamping pressure setting by means of a special regulator. Both STA-2500 and STA-3000 Models, equipped respectively with two and three hold-down cylinders, can be supllied on request with special support for clamping of jalousie windows.
Technical data
Width 1200 mm.
Length 2500 mm.
Max thrust at 8 bar 2600 Kg.
Width 1850 mm.
Length 2750 mm.
Heigth 2100 mm.
Net weight 600 Kg.
Gross weight 730 Kg.
Packing sizes 290x190x55 cm.
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