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Nel corso degli ultimi anni SARMAX srl si è specializzata nella produzione di macchinari e impianti per le lavorazione di elementi in legno per carpenteria, in particolare:
Macchine impregnatrici per travatura tavolati e perline:
- Impianti di asciugatura per elementi impregnati.
- Linee di movimentazione semilavorati, in asservimento alle macchine con funzioni di automazione.
Macchine antichizzatici rusticatrici (a una o più facce contemporaneamente).
Macchine levigatrici per travature.
Macchine levigatrici per cofani funebri.
Macchine spruzzatura oliatura di elementi in legno per pavimenti. More company details

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Product information
Sanding machine for cleaning-sanding regular-profile wood sections such as beams and planks. Simultaneous sanding on all 4 sides.


Machine for brushing-sanding on four sides for regular-profile wood sections such as: beams and planks. Suitable for both rough sections and varnished/painted sections. The machine is designed as follows:

Electrically-welded carrying structure, amply sized, consisting of extra-strong tubular sections.

Casings screwed onto the structure with two large doors, one on rear and the other on front, with large window for internal inspection during operation.

Brushes supported at both front and rear. At the front, an easily removable support allows fast brush change.

Two roller brushes with abrasive fabric operate on each surface of the beam. The first has medium grain and the second fine grain.

Each group of brushes features a relevant shavings extraction hood.

Series of upper pneumatic clamps with photocell automatic engagement for piece feed.

Positioning by means of two motorised axes controlled by an electronic computer with programmable touch-screen front, program call up by means of function keys according to the beam, possibility of working automatically or manually by moving the axes with electrical servo-control.

Forward movement by means of motorised rollers controlled by means of an electronic frequency drive, forward movement speed adjustment by potentiometric knob on control panel.

Brush rotation speed controlled by electronic frequency drive.

Adjustable pendant control panel with 180° rotation.
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