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TERMOLEGNO s.r.l. 's units (driers, steaming chambers) guarantee optimum drying cycle times and a low consumption of energy thanks to the great experience, accurate planning and quality of the materials used. The whole process of driers is automatically and totally controlled by advanced techno-logical electronic equipment that guarantees maximum results for all types of wood. TERMOLEGNO driers use only quality, corrosion proof materials such as special aluminium alloys and stainless steel. Insulation is guaranteed by special aluminium panels with glass wool, 100 mm thick, high density, non hygroscopic, designed to resist considerable temperature changes and to last over time.
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The most evolved of controllers based on a LED display, it is equipped with a key for each of the main functions for easy everyday use. But it also allows indirect access to a number of other settings, making it possible to adapt the control system perfectly to any kind and any drying requirement (architecture based on KILN BUS). The number of wood and environment probes can be specified at the moment of ordering. Additional temperature probes are also available to perform thermal treatment of wood in accordance with FAO standards. This operation can be automatically followed by the drying cycle.
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